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Welcome to Limo Hire Northampton

The city of Northampton is known to produce some of the finest shoes in the world. The city also has a rich heritage and has preserved its history in museums.

For the residents of this town, excellence is second nature and whatever they choose to do, they do it well.

At Midlands limo services, we have learnt a thing or two from the residents of this town which is the reason we offer the most outstanding service for limo hire Northampton. When you come to us, you are guaranteed of getting the great service you deserve.

We have all the qualities you would expect from a forward looking limo company. Our vehicles are new and well maintained, while we place a lot of emphasis on customer care. A close relationship with our clients is important for us because we get feedback to improve our service.

It also allows us to find out what our clients need and we adapt our services to meet these needs. Over the years we have found out that certain occasions such as weddings require the limo service to not only offer a prestigious ride but also one that makes a statement to impress the guests.

On the other hand business related services require a strict approach to schedules and a formal looking chauffeur. We are therefore able to adapt to all types of functions and needs of our clients.

If you choose to work with us, once you make the booking you can be guaranteed we will keep our end of the bargain. While some smaller limo companies will double book or bump clients for a better paying client, we will never do that because we have an adequate fleet of vehicles to handle all your limo hire requirements.

Best of all we have the most competitive charges in Northampton. Contact us today for excellent services.

To discuss your plans, individual requirements and to obtain a quote, please contact Midland Limos Hire on
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