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When any assessment of luxury mid-sized SUV’s is done, the Range Rover Sport is not surprisingly one of the top cars in the category. Highly regarded and with a powerful brand name, the car maintains its well deserved reputation by outperforming all other SUV’s. Although it is big on luxury, it has no mercy on rough terrain and effortlessly glides without a problem. Other SUV’s may find such terrain challenging. With a powerful V8 engine, this car seems to have it all. It has a stylish design and a full time 4-wheel drive that does incredibly well on open roads.

The car has a spacious interior and has the very best materials used including ivory leather on the door cards and seats. Climate control and a touch pad infotainment make the vehicle a joy to use. It has a lovely touch in the form of a 360 degrees camera that displays everything around the car. Its steering is known for accuracy while it boasts some of the most powerful brakes in the industry. The vehicle also comes with satellite navigation in case you have a lot of fun and venture too far from the main road.

At midlandslimohire.co.uk, you can hire this powerful Range Rover Sport for your needs. This car is suited for special occasions where you need to make a statement as well as fond memories. For any venue you make an appearance with this car, everyone is bound to notice. With our expert drivers, you will sit back and have the time of your life as you are driven to your location of choice. Our drivers are specially trained to offer you unmatched service while at the same time they are also known for their courtesy. The courteous nature is not confined to the drivers only because everyone in our company has developed customer service skills to offer you the highest standards of service. In addition, we have a presence in most of the Midlands areas like Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and all other town within the region. That does not mean you cannot book our vehicles if you live in other parts. We welcome bookings from any part of the UK. If you are looking for a trustworthy car hire service, talk to us today.

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