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If you were to combine power, class and a perfect design, you would definitely get the Mercedes E63. This Mercedes car with a 5.5 turbo charged engine has so much power that it does 0-62 mph is just above 4 seconds. With a top speed of 200 mph, one can tell that this is no ordinary car but a real sports car in the body of one of the most elegant Mercedes sedan designs. The interior of the car is what you would expect from a Mercedes, made of high quality products and well designed.

The seats are incredibly comfortable and the dashboard dotted with many useful buttons to improve the driving experience. An iPod interface as well as satellite radio and a premium sound system provide some great entertainment on board. With a spacious capacity, this 5-seater offers comfortable seating to all its passengers. Its cargo capacity is also impressive at an astonishing 57 cubic feet. With an exceptionally smooth handling and stability, one can comfortably do high speeds without a worry. Its safety features include a really powerful braking and collision prevention assist system.

At midlandslimohire.co.uk, we offer you a Mercedes E63 car hire to take to your special occasion. In case your function is scheduled at a distant location, no need to worry as this car will take you there fast while you enjoy a driving experience like no other. With our highly skilled drivers in control, you get to relax and relish the sights as you zoom to your special event. Arriving in the Mercedes E63 will give you a memorable and grand appearance worthy of the occasion. Having been in the car hire business for over a decade, we understand what it takes to make your experience pleasant. We operate new and well maintained cars and all our vehicles are comprehensively insured. All our operations are geared towards offering you the best service at affordable charges. We love hearing from you and you are free to engage our customer service staff anytime. No matter where you are located in the midlands areas, we can send a car over to you. Our service is however not confined to the Midlands area only because you can book and hire a car from any location within the UK.

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