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There are many luxury sedans in the market, and then there is the BMW M5. Just taking one look at its perfectly designed shape reveals it is not just any other sedan out there, it is strikingly different. It has the well known BMW look and one can easily tell it is a classy car. This twin turbo-charged high performance car is everything one can expect from a BMW car. It is large by any standards and the space is extremely well distributed to leave lots of space for its capacity of 5 passengers. The fact that it can do from 0-100 mph in just over 8 seconds reveals the sheer power of this car with a speed that can almost match a sports car.

The car’s interior has some of the finest materials with the seats made from full leather. The driver’s dashboard has many useful features and technology is well represented with the internet connected drive infotainment. It is easy for the driver to surf the net on information about traffic ahead using a touchpad. The car comes with some practical safety measures including dual front and side airbags as well as an electronic stability system.

At midlandslimohire.co.uk, you can hire a BMW M5 and enjoy all the benefits outlined above. This powerful car will transform your journey into a pleasurable experience. For a special day like your wedding, this car can add that special touch of class. Our highly trained drivers too are there to make your experience as pleasant as possible. They are courteous and have a genuine interest in offering you outstanding service. Our company has been in this business for over 10 years and we put to good use the valuable experience acquired over the years. We understand that to please the customer we not only have to provide the latest and newest vehicles but how we relate to them also matters a lot. This is the reason our customer service is very responsive to your needs and takes all your concerns and requests seriously. All our vehicles are comprehensively insured so you can have peace of mind in the knowledge you are well taken care of. If you are looking for real VIP car hire services, welcome to midlandslimohire.co.uk for the real deal.

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