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Billed as one of the top sports cars in the market, the Audi R8 carries on with the tradition of excellence associated with the Audi brand. The car’s well designed and sporty shape is proof that it made to cruise at breathtaking speeds on all types of roads. It comes with 3 extremely powerful engine choices with each of the choices being outstanding on its own right. This superb vehicle designed for two people has ample leg room and is spacious for its class.

For an ideal journey of discovery with your partner, this is the right car for you. Its acceleration is among the best in the sports car category and it pumps adrenaline through your body and leaves you with goose pimples. With its power the Audi R8 comes with safety features such as airbags on the front, side and knee areas for both passengers. Its braking system has been designed for maximum effect and has an anti-lock brake system controlled by an efficient electronic braking system. For enhanced comfort, is has an automatic climate control and a sporty steering that makes it a joy to handle. The car also has an impressive interior LED lighting system.

At midlandslimohire.co.uk, we have this impressive Audi R8 for your car hire needs. If you are on holiday or doing business, the car will get you to your destination in good time. Hiring a vehicle from us is not just about the car, we seek to create a partnership and are always on the lookout on how we can improve your user experience. We have all the latest models and maintain our cars in tip top condition to ensure you enjoy using the car for the entire duration of hire. We believe in offering you the best customer experience and you are encouraged to talk to our customer service for any needs and requests you may have. If you choose to use our drivers, you will get the most courteous and professional drivers you have ever met. They are well trained in chauffeur services and to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable. With affordable services, we offer you exactly what you need in a car hire.

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